Haba Haba
    • Quick & Easy

      Pizza: You'll never go back to pizza "alone". Ranch is ho-hum. Haba Haba is the pizza dip with zip!

      Burgers: Replace ketchup, mustard, an mayo with Haba Haba and cut back on fat and sugar while turbo-charging your burger with a flash of heat and a burst of flavor.

      Chicken WIngs & Buffalo Wings: Wings & Haba Haba? A no-brainer.

      Hot Dogs: Replace your typical condiments with a ribbon of Haba Haba and your dogs will be lively, energizing... and gone faster than Joey Chestnut. Tip: Awesome on chili dogs!

      Sandwiches: Haba Haba is a savory spread — try blending with mayo for maximum impact!

      Tacos: Unlike conventional hot sauces, Haba Haba brings flavor AND heat to your tacos, burritos, and enchiladas.

      Fish: Grilled fish with Haba Haba is mouth-watering, invigorating and healthy. Especially good on salmon!

      Eggs: Are you a ketchup on eggs person? So were we. Haba Haba on eggs will be your game-changer.

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